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US-8903280-B2: Image forming apparatus and process cartridge patent, US-8931107-B1: Techniques for generating block level data captures patent, US-8967755-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-8972130-B2: Control device for vehicle patent, US-8976698-B2: Methods and apparatus for radio link monitoring in new carrier type (NCT) in a long term evolution (LTE) system patent, US-8981619-B2: Vibration type actuator, vibrator, and vibrator manufacturing method patent, US-8997993-B2: Stackable envelope trays patent, US-9002215-B2: Spectral analysis for coherent optical receivers patent, US-9008437-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium patent, US-9021634-B2: Six-wheeled stretcher patent, US-9033120-B2: Shock absorber for a bicycle patent, US-9057675-B2: Methods of formulating and designing liquid drug suspensions containing ion exchange resin particles patent, US-9157418-B2: Sustainable power supply unit for ISO containers patent, US-9160199-B2: System for cutting off standby power patent, US-9169623-B2: Wear monitoring system for track type machine patent, US-9218760-B2: Driving circuit for liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same patent, US-9230195-B2: Print head array patent, US-9230771-B2: Method of manufacturing an electrodeless lamp envelope patent, US-9256406-B1: Graphically scoped C-functions inside stateflow patent, US-9268439-B2: Optical touch display panel providing better flexibility in appearance design thereof patent, US-9303665-B2: Adaptable mating fastener assembly patent, US-9350655-B2: Vertical converged framework patent, US-9350719-B2: Device, information processing terminal, information processing system, display control method, and recording medium patent, US-9353275-B2: Ink visible under narrow band UV radiation patent, US-9354645-B2: Voltage regulating circuit with selectable voltage references and method therefor patent, US-9366961-B2: Silicone structure-bearing polymer, resin composition, and photo-curable dry film patent, US-9374568-B2: Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method patent, US-9377727-B2: Image forming apparatus and image forming method patent, US-9383995-B2: Load ordering in a weakly-ordered processor patent, US-9396790-B1: Multi-supply dual port register file patent, US-9417396-B2: Optoelectronic switch patent, US-9430468-B2: Online peer review system and method patent, US-9440753-B2: Dosage-dispensing head patent, US-9465295-B2: Pattern forming method patent, US-9484758-B2: Hybrid bootstrap capacitor refresh technique for charger/converter patent, US-9486666-B2: Rowing simulator patent, US-9489387-B2: Storage management of data streamed from a video source device patent, US-9506091-B2: Method for producing glucaric acid patent, US-9526193-B2: Information technology apparatus and associated transportable information technology hosting center patent, US-9551051-B2: Weldable oxidation resistant nickel-iron-chromium aluminum alloy patent, US-9559280-B2: Thermoelectric conversion device patent, US-9588636-B1: Exit full screen mode of a web browser on content-based event patent, US-9644172-B2: Patterned candle wick patent, US-9652627-B2: Probabilistic surfacing of potentially sensitive identifiers patent, US-9689907-B2: Device for measuring the variation of a capacitance and associated measuring method patent, US-9706243-B2: Broadcasting receiver and a method of determining an operation mode of broadcasting receiver patent, US-9769779-B2: Radio base station, radio communication network system, and communication control method patent, US-9796610-B2: Process for separating off carbon black from a wastewater stream patent, US-9813120-B2: Base station, and method and device for returning signal patent, US-9826571-B2: Mesh node role discovery and automatic recovery patent, US-9856896-B2: Cable lock and seal device patent, US-9861908-B2: Process for continuous recovering (meth)acrylic acid and apparatus for the process patent, US-9874222-B2: Scroll structure of turbine housing patent, US-9886330-B2: Double processing offloading to additional and central processing units patent, US-8636422-B2: Device for an optical-fiber connection patent, US-8636693-B2: Propellant pillow patent, US-8650123-B2: Entry level banking products patent, US-8661763-B2: Purlin brace systems patent, US-8684363-B2: Comby two-sided overlain gasket for sealing of dismountable flanged joints patent, US-8726947-B2: Fuel fill adaptor patent, US-8744876-B2: Method and system for providing a patient identification beacon for patient worn sensors patent, US-8754757-B1: Automatic fitting of haptic effects patent, US-8755115-B2: 3D image projection system patent, US-8781011-B2: Receiver parametric covariance estimation for precoded MIMO transmissions patent, US-8804004-B2: Imaging apparatus, image control method, and storage medium storing program patent, US-8811416-B2: Gateway device, mobile terminal, mobile communication method, and program patent, US-8812277-B2: Method of enhancing an optical metrology system using ray tracing and flexible ray libraries patent, US-8824588-B2: Near-field MIMO wireless transmit power measurement test systems, structures, and processes patent, US-8826421-B2: Method and apparatus for security validation of user input patent, US-8858379-B2: Axle assembly having an electric motor module patent, US-8866499-B2: System and method for measuring capacitance patent, US-8867045-B2: Triggering light grid and method for determining the position of containers patent, US-8870174-B2: Machine for producing books, in particular photo books and/or illustrated books patent, US-8879094-B2: Image reading apparatus which is able to transfer an image to an external device and non-transitory computer readable medium patent, US-8893280-B2: Sensitive data tracking using dynamic taint analysis patent, US-8950834-B2: Slide assembly patent, US-9008618-B1: MRCP gateway for mobile devices patent, US-9036710-B2: Unified transform coefficient encoding and decoding patent, US-9043608-B2: Electronic device provided with cryptographic circuit and method of establishing the same patent, US-9061599-B2: System and method for optimizing the storing of vehicular energy patent, US-9076265-B2: System and method for performing depth testing at top and bottom of graphics pipeline patent, US-9080491-B2: Exhaust gas purifying catalyst patent, US-9095597-B2: N-acetyl mannosamine as a therapeutic agent patent, US-9133595-B2: Bent blade screw ground anchor patent, US-9153995-B2: Smart power delivery system and related method patent, US-9177908-B2: Stacked semiconductor capacitor structure patent, US-9180751-B2: Air conditioner for vehicle patent, US-9182589-B2: Electrowetting display structures patent, US-9205213-B2: Tube placement apparatus patent, US-9245425-B2: Produce lift apparatus patent, US-9250987-B2: Administering incomplete data communications messages in a parallel computer patent, US-9255970-B2: On-line monitoring of stator insulation in motors and generators patent, US-9268055-B2: Well-logging apparatus including azimuthally spaced radiation detectors patent, US-9277093-B2: Method, apparatus, and computer product for managing image formation resources patent, US-9295267-B2: Beverage lowering serum cholesterol patent, US-9408526-B2: Telescopic support patent, US-9418954-B2: Integrated circuit chip assembled on an interposer patent, US-9459124-B2: Electromagnetic tracker (AC) with extended range and distortion compensation capabilities employing multiple transmitters patent, US-9531829-B1: Smart hierarchical cache using HTML5 storage APIs patent, US-9601905-B2: Optical semiconductor device, semiconductor laser module, and optical fiber amplifier patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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