Improvements in and in connection with Winding Rope, String, Yarn or other Materials on or into Bobbins, Spools or like Bodies or Forms and in Machinery or Apparatus therefor.


2437. Cheetham, H. Jan. 31. Stretching.-A machine for stretching string, rope, spindle banding, &c. used in connexion with a machine for winding the finished material comprises a pair of grooved guide-rollers e, the upper one of which is mounted on a shaft g arranged to turn loosely in its bearings and fitted with a brake drum controlled by a weighted lever h, and a grooved drag pulley c fast on the main shaft i of the machine. The string &c. passes round the guide - rollers e, and through a trough of liquid and then round the drag pulley c, which is provided with a companion guide-pulley k.




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