Improvements in Winding Mechanism for Brake Chains.


2813. Ackley, G. S. Feb. 3. Winches. - Winding - mechanism for brakeoperating chains is constructed with the shafts of the hand-wheel and the winding-drum arranged horizontally adjacent to each other and with the chain extending downwards through the floor. Moreover, the winding-drum is constructed so that its rotation in either direction winds up the chain with increasing leverage, and reversible ratchet gear is provided for locking the drum. The Figures show winding-apparatus arranged within a casing A, and comprising a hand-wheel e geared by means of a ratchet clutch G, H with a pinion F, which engages the toothed periphery of a winding-drum B. The drum B is formed with an eccentric grooved portion b<5>, which merges at its shortest radius into a concentric portion b<2> and is provided at its largest radius with a pin b<4>, to which the brake chain N is attached so that the chain is wound upon the parts b<5>, b<2> when the drum is rotated in either direction. The drum shaft is fitted with a ratchet-wheel I, which may be locked by a pawl K, made to engage therewith by means of a foot-lever M and rod connexion m. When it is desired that the apparatus should wind in the direction opposite to that for which it is constructed, the clutch portions G, H are replaced by portions having their teeth arranged in the opposite direction, and the locking-ratchet I, K is reversed.




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