Improvements in Carburetters for Internal Combustion Engines.

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Binks Ltd CHarold Binks
  • Publication Date: December 14, 1911
  • Publication Number: GB-191103468-A


3468. Binks, Ltd., C., and Binks, H. Feb. 11. Spray carburettors.-Two nozzles 30, 31 open into air passages, bell-mouthed at their inner ends, and formed in removable rotatable plugs 36, 37 pressed down by flat springs 38. By rotating the plugs the .air supply is varied. The outlets 32, 33 from the choke-tubes enter the tube 3 at different levels, and are controlled by a piston 12. This piston is limited in its downward movement by an adjustable stop 18, and after uncovering both outlets 32, 33 opens an extra-air port 41. The float chamber is connected to the nozzles by pipes 28, 29.




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