Improvements in Machines for Treating with Liquids, Textile Piece Goods, Warp Yarns and the like.


8260. Ainley, J. S. April 3. [Addition to 19,135/09.] Winch type.-In a modification of the winch machine of the parent Specification, the endless fabric or warp passes between nip rollers 2, 3, located clear of the liquid, and is given a dip by passing under a roller 9 submerged in a trough 11, a partial squeeze in passing around a partially submerged swift 10 (or a roller or rollers), another dip by then passing into the liquid in the treating-vat 1, and around a submerged roller 4, or between two submerged rollers therein, and, finally a squeeze, by passing up and out of the liquid, between guides 8, to the nip rollers 2, 3, forming a fresh draft. When a sufficient number of drafts has been formed, the end of the warp &c. is carried from the swift 10 to a leading-off roller, before being led into the vat 1 and under a leading-on roller 6 located near the bottom of the vat, after which the ends are joined to make the warp &c. endless. In soaping the fabric, the trough 11 is preferably charged with soap, and the vat 1 is filled with soap to a suitable level 13, but, after the fabric is properly charged with soap, the vat is filled up with water so that the swift 10 is partly submerged and the trough 11 is opened to the liquid in the vat 1, so that the roller 9 contained therein is submerged in the liquid in the vat. A false bottom or platform 12, to prevent tangling, is employed between the levels of the first submerged roller 4 and the leading-on roller 6. A trough 5 is provided below the nip rollers 2, 3 to receive liquid expressed from the fabric &c. Preferably, only the lower nip roller 3 and the leading-off roller 7 are driven, and a tension roller may be employed adjacent the leading-off roller 7 if necessary.




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