Improvements in and relating to Holders for Electric Incandescent Lamps.


10,435. Hubers, J., [Berliner Siriuslampen- Vertriebsges.]. April 29. Supporting.- Holders for electric incandescent lamp are provided with beads or grooves such as d, Fig. 1; for engaging correspondingly shaped spring clamps mounted-on wooden or metal battens, bands, or other supports. The clamp shown consists of a number of beaded tongues f, Fig. 2, which may be milled or recessed to engage corresponding formations on the bead d to prevent rotation. The holder is provided with a groove b in which the supply wires may be fixed to suspend the lamps, and the clamp with one or more holes adapted to receive fixing-screws or nails ; or the clamp may be soldered to its support:




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