Improvements in Ploughs.


17,817. Fowler, R. H., and Pepper, A. Aug. 4: Ploughs.-In a plough having pivoted and spring-controlled skifes, means are provided for allowing the frames carrying the skifes to rise automatically when the movement allowed bv the springs is not sufficient to clear an obstruction. Each skife f is pivotally mounted on a frame c which is hinged to a bracket d attached to the main frame a. The skife is normally held in position by a spring g which yields when the share h meets an obstruction A stop i limits the movement of the skife about its pivot; and a slot m in the lifting-lever l allows the frame e to rise. In order to allow of a further rise, the link k connecting 'the lever l to the skife f or frame e carries a stop n adapted to abut against a rod o and thus release the catch p of the lifting-lever. In a modification, the skife is connected to the frame e by two plate or helical springs. Two or more frames e may be connected together. The ploughs may be lifted by mechanism operated by the motor. The depth of work may be regulated by means of an adjustable wheel s, which may be provided with a circular coulter t.




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