Improvements in, or relating to, Fiddle Clip Fittings for Ships' Tables.


18,266. Hay, W. G. Aug. 12. Fiddles.-A fiddle for ships' tables, consisting of a rising and falling vertical edging frame, is provided with a clip or rest fitting comprising a pair of horizontal tongues mounted on a vertical rotatable axis, to enable the fiddle to be quickly brought into or out of use. The vertical rotatable spindle b, mounted upon a plate c, carries two arms or tongues d, e, preferably secured at right-angles to one another. When the fiddle is out of use, it is supported by the upper arms d as shown in Fig. 7, and, to hold the fiddle in the raised position, the axis is turned so that the lower arm e projects through a slot f in the plate c, and rests upon the table top as shown in Fig. 8. A spring h temporarily locks the tongues in position by pressing upon the flats on the spindle, but any other suitable locking-means may be employed.




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