Improvements in Blank Feeding Mechanism.


19,574. Robertson, P. L. March 15. Turning wood-screws. - In a blank-feeding device, particularly applicable to screw-making machines, blanks pass from a hopper 15 down a shoot 14 to a notched ratchet-operated disk 29, provided with a retaining-strap 41; each blank is then gripped in turn by an oscillating arm 50 which carries it to a chuck. After each blank has been operated upon, it is seized by a spring- clip 104 on a pivoted arm 100 which swings upwards and encounters a stop which ejects it. The hopper-hoist 75, Fig. 9, is lifted by a connecting-rod 76, the crank disk 77 of which is driven through a yielding connexion by chain gearing. The arm 50 has a spring clip for holding the blank, and is connected to a shaft 53, Fig. 2, oscillated by pin-and-slot mechanism from a sliding rod 61 operated by a carn 64<1>; the blank is given a half-turn in its passage to the chuck, this being effected by mutilated bevelgearing 66, 67. The arm 100 is connected to a lever 101, Fig. 11, operated by a cam-piece 111 and slot 110 from a goose-neck lever 39<c>. The lever 101 is first moved laterally by a camoperated lever 120 to clear the chuck, and the slot 110 is formed in a latched member 108<1>, which enables the arm 100 to move upward quickly under the action of its spring 112 when the cam-piece 111 is moved so as to clear its slot, the yielding bevelled end 116 causing reengagement in the slot when the member 108<1> moves upwards. The finished blank is thrown out by the lever 147, Fig. 1, controlled by the forward movement of the slide carrying the pointing-tool. The whole blank-feeding mechanism is mounted on an adjustable pillar. Specification 6522/11 is referred to.




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