Improvements in Rings and Travellers for Ring Spinning and like Frames.


24,521. Ashworth, H. Nov. 4. Spindle apparatns.-A traveller such as is used for winding cops on a bare spindle consists of a single piece of wire bent or several pieces soldered, as shown in Figs. 3 and 4, having loops k, h to guide the thread and a loop j to press on the cop. The lower wings d' are looped horizontally, and bear on the rings c of semicircular section on the inner surfaces of the highly burnished plates a, which are provided with a suitable opening band are joined at their external edges as at a'. According to the Provisional Specification, the traveller may consist of a piece of wire soldered to a steel bar and may have an oblong piece of metal to act as presser at the centre, and if desired may be provided with balls, disks, or hollow rollers running on plain plates instead of on the rings c.




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