Hat Nap Raising Machine.


27,385. Turner, A. Dec. 6. Pile or nap, producing.-In a machine for raising the nap on hats the hat body is acted on by two taper rollers revolving in the same direction, but at different speeds, so that it is drawn across its support by the roller having the higher speed. Pivoted at 3 to a table 1 is an arm 2, to which is attached, by a central bolt 6, a triangular support 5, adapted to be tilted in any direction by bolts 7, 8 screwed in the arm 2 and bearing on the underside of the support 5. The napping-rollers 10, 17 are respectively mounted opposite the edge and above the support 5, and are connected by gearing so that the roller 10 revolves faster than the roller 17, and thus drags the hat body over the support 5. The support 5 is pulled up to the roller 10, against the action of a spring 29, by a cord &c. 31, attached through a spiral spring to a treadle; the support 5 is provided with a downwardly-projecting flange at the edge opposite the roller 10. The roller 17 is carried by a bracket 19 mounted on an upright 20 fixed on the table 1, both of the latter connexions being by bolt and slot so as to give vertical and horizontal adjustment. A cleaning-roller 11 revolves against the roller 10, being driven from the main shaft by a belt 15.




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