Improvements in the Conversion of Mineral Oil into Volatile Spirit.


28,460. New Oil Refining Process, and Neilson, R. G. Dec. 18. Hydrocarbon oils, cracking.-The process for converting mineral oil into volatile spirit or petrol described in Specification 13,675/08, in which oil and water in liquid form are admitted to a heated retort packed with scrap iron, is modified (1) by the use, in place of iron alone, of a packing of carbide of iron, copper, aluminium, or an alloy thereof, bauxite, broken bricks, coke, aluminium oxide, or other refractory materials; (2) by the use of a temperature of 1000-1200‹ F.; (3) by the admission of the oil to the retort in the form of vapour. The retort may be made of iron, copper, fused quartz, fire-clay, &c.




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