Improvements in Methods of Producing Kinematograph Pictures in Colors.


4045. Thornton, J. E. Feb. 17. Kinematograph apparatus. - In a kinematograph colour film having recurring series of two, three, or more colour pictures, other than hand or like coloured films, the pictures are themselves formed as colour pictures, thereby dispensing with all forms of colour screens. The films are made by any bichromated colloid or carbon process, and alternative processes are described in detail. Alternatively, a silver positive is converted into a dyed colloid film by first bleaching it into a haloid positive and dyeing this with suitable dyes. In printing bichromate films, apparatus such as is described in Specifications 26,997/11 and 3384/12, [both in Class 98 (ii), Photographic processes &c.], may be used. When a bichromate process is used, the film is perforated after it is finished to compensate for longitudinal shrinkage by adjusting the relative position of the holes to each picture as perforating proceeds. The perforating-apparatus described in Specification 12,230/12, [Class 100 (i), Feeding and delivering webs &c.], is used.




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