Improvements in Mechanism for Signalling into Locomotives or Guard's Vans.


6196. Barr, J. W. March 12. Track apparatus actuating signals on trains. -A track contact 38 arranged near a signal occupies one of two positions according to the position of the signal. A rearwardly and downwardly extending contact 8 pivoted at 7 is carried by the engine and co-operates with the contact 38. The contact 8 rotates a frame containing white, green, and red glasses about a lamp 6 carried in the cab. The connexion between the contact 8 and the frame comprises a connecting-rod 9, cross-head 11, rod 14, lever 15, rod 17, and rack-and-pinion gear 18<a>. The contact 8 normally hangs in its lowest position and a white light is shown. When a signal is passed, the contact is raised into one of two higher positions, whereby the lamp frame is rotated to show a green or red light corresponding to the signal light. A ratchet gear maintains the cab signal and contact mechanism in position until released by the driver. An audible signal may be added if required.




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