A Machine for use in the Manufacture of Cardboard and like Boxes.


10,966. Somers, W. H. May 8. Cutting-out apparatus.-A machine for cutting the corners of box blanks as shown in Fig. 5, preparatory to their being folded as described in Specification 6420/06, [Class 18, Boxes &c.], comprises knives g, h, i carried on a vertically reciprocating head d for making the incisions j, k, l, respectively. The knives g, h are mounted on faces g<1>, h<1> in planes at right-angles to one another, and the knife g may be replaced by knives of different sizes, while the knife h is adjustable along its supporting-face h<1>. Both knives are secured in position by screws engaging holes in the faces. The knife i for cutting the slot l is permanently bolted to the face i<1>, and is provided with two cutting-edges. All the knives coact with slots provided with knife plates in a worksupport b. Adjustable gauges s, t are provided for engaging adjacent sides of the blank. The head d is reciprocated from a treadle through spring-controlled link-work.




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