Improvements in or connected with Utilizing the Rise and Fall of the Tide for Obtaining and Distributing Motive Power.


11,731. Southard, F. C. May 17. Plant.-Apparatus for utilizing tidal energy comprises a chamber a built on the foreshore with its floor at lowwater level, into which tidal water flows, actuating a turbine b both during the inflow and outflow of the tide. Over this chamber a is built a chamber c, into which air compressed by the rise of the tide in the chamber a is forced past the valves c'. Float valves c<3> are provided, which may be closed while the tide is rising and opened to allow the water in the chamber c to escape while the tide is falling. Air compressed by the rise of the tide is used to drive aircompressors e. Air - compressors are similarly driven by the turbines b, and the compressed air from both series of compressors is stored in chambers f. The compressed air is used to drive engines which drive dynamos &c.




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