Improvements in and relating to Addressing Machines.

  • Inventors: HENRY GORE
  • Assignees: Henry Gore
  • Publication Date: May 22, 1913
  • Publication Number: GB-191213523-A


13,523. Gore, H. June 10. No Patent granted (Sealing fee not paid). Addressing - machines; tripping - arrangements; platen machines. -A hand-actuated addressing-machine is constructed with a reciprocating slipper adapted to carry a type-holder from a magazine 16 over a support 34 carried on a firm upright a n d below an intermittentlyoperated ink-ribbon w upon which an envelope, wrapper, or the like is laid prior to the depression of the platen 6, the slipper then returning the type - holder to a magazine 17 provided with an intermittently lowered support 23. A shaft 9 fitted with a crank handle carries three cams for operating the parts. The cam 10 acts on a spring-controlled bar 13 to oscillate a pivoted bell-crank 14, 5 to which the platen 6 is pivoted under the control of a spring 5<a>. The platen may be raised and held out of action by sliding forward a bar 13<c> to engage a projection on the bar 13. The cam 11, which is open on one side to permit the lever to be disengaged, oscillates a lever 11<b> which is linked by a readily disconnected link 35 to the slipper, thus providing for detachment when several impressions from one set of type are required. The magazines 16, 17 are constructed with front and back plates, and the upper one 16 may be removable and secured to a fixed upright 18<a> by projecting arms 18 and a retaining-bar 19, and to the top plate 21<b> of the guide for the slipper by studs and projections. The slipper is fitted with a movable support for the type-holder, which support, on the return movement of the slippet, lags behind and permits the holder to pass down an incline to the magazine 17. The support 23 for the holders in the magazine 17 is mounted on a vertical rod 25, and is normally supported by a spring detent on the part 23 engaging teeth on a vertical bar 26<a>, which is oscillated about its vertical axis by the slipper acting through a spring-controlled rod 30 and crank 29 on the bar 26<a> so as to release the fixed detent and allow the support to drop one tooth for each complete reciprocation of the slipper. The ink ribbon extends between spools w<1> mounted on sleeves carrying ratchet-wheels w<2>, one or other of which is engaged by one of two pawls carried by a pivoted arm 38 rocked by the rod 40 from the eccentric 12 on the shaft 9.




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