Improvements in Fastening Means for Leggings or Gaiters.


14,767. Sch³bel, I. June 24. Catches, spring.-In an automatic fastening for leggings and gaiters &c., a curved rack 6 secured to one part of the legging is adapted to be passed into a recessed portion 2 of a metal strip 1 on the other part, and to be engaged by a blade spring 3 riveted to the strip 1. To release the spring from the rack, a member 9 is employed, which is journaled on the spring 3 and has a cam 9<a>, which bears against the strip 1 and disengages the spring when the member is turned by its handle 10. In the modification shown in Fig. 10, a spring - controlled pivoted plate 26 is employed instead of the spring 3, a projection 27 thereon engaging a notch in the plate 6. The plate 26 is released by a cam 9 journaled on the strip 1. In another form, the swivelling member 9 is acted on by a spring, and itself engages the rack 6.




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