Improvements in Tension Mechanism for Cop Winding Machines.


16,056. McKean, J. O. Jan. 29, [Convention date]. Tension arrangements.-In a cop-winding machine, to provide a tension device which shall preserve an equal tension as the cop grows, the yarn is passed between two coacting parts, one of which is forced into its maximum tensioning position by a weight, against the action of a spring connected to a part of the machine moved by the growth of the cop so that its force progressively increases as the cop grows. The yarn is passed between two opposing rows of pegs, one mounted upon a fixed piece 35 and the other on a piece 31 pivoted at 30 and controlled by a weight 39 and a spring 33, which act in opposition. The spring is connected to a pivoted arm 24 which is in turn connected by a link 23 to an extension 22 of the carriage 8, on which the cop spindle 7 i s mounted. As the cop grows, the carriage 8 is moved and the tension in the spring is increased. The spring may be connected to one or other of the lugs x in order to adjust its initial tension. The weight 39, which can also be readily adjusted, may be replaced by a spring.




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