Improvements in or relating to Tablet-wrapping Machines.


17,309. Forgrove Machinery Co., and Grover, F. July 25. Packeting by wrapping-up.-A machine of the type described in Specification 29,015/11 is provided with an additional or first wrapping- mechanism so that the tablets are enclosed in two wrappers, the folding of the first wrapper being completed by the application and folding of the second wrapper; the latter operation is carried out by mechanism similar to that described in the aforesaid Specification. The tablets 2 are fed forward on to the upper end of a vertical plunger 3 below an aperture 4 in a table 5 which receives the first wrappers from a roll 6 by feed-rollers 7, a length being cut off by a knife 8. The plunger 3 rises and guides 13, 13<Î> and 12 turn down the wrapper into the form shown in Fig. 5. The tablet and wrapper are now held by grippers 11, 11<Î> on a carriage 10. A slide 14 and tuckers 15 advance and make the folds shown in Fig. 7. The carriage 10 then moves to the left, bringing the tablet into position between plungers 23, 24 and over a wrapper which has been fed from a magazine by gummed feet 20 of a mechanism similar to that described in Specification 11,812/09, [Class 73, Labels &c.]. A guide 13 turns up the depending portions of the wrapper, and tuckers 22 fold in the front projecting corners during the movement of the carriage, at the end of which the relative positions are as shown in Fig. 9. The plungers 23, 24 descend, and the wrapper 18 and the projecting side portions of the inner wrapper are turned up. The second wrapper is applied substantially in the manner described in Specification 29,015/11, the two folding- mechanisms working at right-angles to each other so that the outer wrapper secures the inner. The last remaining tabs of the packet are turned up under the packet, the completed form of which is shown is Fig. 16.




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