Improvements in Floor Scrapers.


17,596. Andersen, E. W. July 29. Scrapers.-In a floor-scraper of the type in which the scraping or cutting action takes place during the movement towards the operator, the shaft 12, to which the wheels 13 supporting the scraper carriage are keyed, is fitted with two oppositely coiled springs 20, 21, which assist in starting the scraper at the commencement of each stroke. The springs are mounted on the shaft in a cylindrical casing 17, which is prevented from rotating by a bolt 18. The handle 25 for operating the scraper carriage is secured by a bolt-and-slot connexion 30, 31 to arms 29 on a clutch block 28 mounted on a shaft 23 at the rear end of the carriage 10. A spring- pressed pawl 36 mounted on the carriage normally engages with a slot 33 in the clutch block, but when it is desired to elevate the forward end of the machine, the pawl 36 is disengaged from the slot 33 by pressure on a pedal 37 and engaged with a second slot 32. The carriage is then raised about wheels 24 on the shaft 23 by the handle 25. At the front of the machine is pivotally mounted an inclined bracket 39 carrying pivoted at its lower end a blade clamp 42 in which the blade 45 is secured by pivoted bars 42<a> operated by thumb-screws 42<c>. The clamp is secured at the required angle by a binding- screw 44 engaging a graduated arc 40 on the bracket 39.




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