Improvements in Wrapping Machines.


19,110. Bland, H. B. Aug. 21. Packeting by wrapping-up.-Relates to machines for wrapping chocolate tablets &c. in paper or tin-foil. The tablets are fed from a shoot 33, Fig. 1 (Sheet 1), by an horizontal plunger which thrusts them into a fixed holder 35 fitted with springs 37, and immediately below a vertical plunger 36. The paper strip is fed from a roll 2 between rollers 5, 6 and across a table 8 between cutting-blades 9, 10, Fig. 1 (Sheet 3). A cam 13 actuates a frame 11 carrying the upper blade 9 and acts through link-work 16, 17 on the lower blade 10. The cut paper is drawn to the left by a hinged gripper into position beneath the tablet in the holder 35. The plunger 36 descends and presses the tablet and paper into a sliding carrier 38, Fig. 3 (Sheet 5), forming the first fold as shown in Fig. 2 (Sheet 6). An upper folder 52 makes the first top fold, and the second is made by a fixed plate 57 as the tablet is carried to the left. A plunger depresses the partly wrappedtablet into a receiver 58, Fig. 4 (Sheet 3), with a spring clip 58', and a vertical plunger 59 with forked projections 60 makes the folds shown in Fig. 5 (Sheet 6). Sliding block folders 67, Fig. 5 (Sheet 3), spring-fitted at 68, make the remaining side folds, and the final fold is made as the tablet is forced by the preceding tablet down a shoot 75.




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