Improved Automatic Weft Replenishing Loom.


20,923. Briot, A. Oct. 2, 1911, [Convention date]. Shuttles, changing bobbins and the like in, automatically.-Each bobbin in the magazine is provided with a reserve or free weft end 4, Fig. 5, just sufficient to serve for the first pick after replenishment, the threader 10, Fig. 2, being so arranged in the shuttle that it is near the selvedge when the shuttle is in the magazine shuttle box, and the shuttle being threaded on the second pick after replenishment. The invention is illustrated as applied to the weft-replenishing mechanism described in Specification 14,423/11, the bobbin carrier 8 of which is arranged in the present case in a reverse manner to tLat described in the abovementioned Specification. Each weft-end passes from its bobbin round bolts 5, 6 and between its bobbin and the following one, so as to be released when its bobbin is inserted by means of the carrier 8. If the ejected bobbin should be moved to the position shown in dotted lines in Fig. 2, the thread trapped in the shuttle is released when the shuttle is picked.




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