Improvements in Devices for Filling Fountain Pens.


21,321. Legh, J. A. Sept. 19. Fountain-pen fillers.-Relates to fountain-pen fillers of the type comprising a piece of tubing c, one end of which is fitted with a compressible bulb a and the other end connects with the pen as in use, the tubing having an intermediate flexible branch e which dips into the ink-bottle f so that ink can be supplied to the pen h by alternately compressing and releasing the bulb a. The invention consists in making the tubing c open to the full extent of its bore at its extreme end d so as to allow its fitting over the nib end of pens of various sizes, and in providing the rubber bulb a with a tapered portion i which acts as a stopper for the tapered neck of the inkbottle f when the device is not in use.




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