Improvements in Joints for Wind Screens and the like.


22,498. Russell, C. R. Oct. 3. Pivot adjustments. -Relates to wind-screen joints of the kind comprising a number of plates carried by the joint members and arranged so that those on one member alternate with those on the other, a central bolt serving to clamp the plates together, and consists in forming the plates integral with the joint members. The members A, B, which are attached to the dash-board 1 and screen 2 respectively, are cast, stamped, or forged with bosses, which are saw-cut or machined to form two series of integral plates 4, 5 which engage with each other as shown. The member A is formed with thickened end plates 6, to which is screwed and riveted the screwed bolt 7 passing through the plates and provided with a locking handle 11 and washer 10. The joint may be made of brass or other metal or of malleable iron cased with brass. The Provisional Specification also states that the plates may be made separate from the joint members and riveted or otherwise secured thereto.




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