Improvements in Capping or Capsuling Machines.


24,410. Bubles, W. C. Dec. 1, 1911, [Convention date]. Capsules, applying. - The capsuling - head 26, Fig. 3, has two deformable rings 32, 35 adapted to be pressed by plungers against the head and side of the capsule, the arrangement being provided with a lost-motion device 37, which allows the outer plunger 33 to move downwards relatively to the inner plunger. The plungers are operated by linkage 43, 46, Fig. 2, connected by a lost-motion device 51 to a pair of levers 12, which are adapted to operate the table 15 through linkage 13 and are connected by an eccentric-rod 9 to power-driven eccentric and ratchet mechanism 4, which is thrown into and out of operation by a foot-lever 6. The levers 12 are provided with springs 25, 53 which regulate the pressure applied to the bottle. The machine is fitted with a suitable form of capsulefeeding appliance such as is shown in Fig. 8. The hopper 54 contains a revoluble plate 56 with circumferential spaced lugs 62 forming channels adapted to receive the capsules, those that are the wrong side up being removed by an ejector finger. An agitating plate 64 turns the capsules over by means of inclined surfaces 66. The capsules pass through the channels into a circumferential channel 68 leading to a feed-shoot provided with a lever device which feeds the capsules singly to the machine.




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