Improvements in or relating to Tops for Tables, Desks and other like Articles of Furniture.


25,669. Ohnstrand, E. Nov. 8. Table tops.-A top for tables, desks, and like articles of furniture, comprises a sheet of linoleum or veneer supported upon a base having portions projecting upwards therefrom to engage with the linoleum below its top surface. In Fig. 1, the base is formed of two sheet-metal plates 2, 3, the plate 3 being bent from a blank so as to have channels 4, which are bridged by the edges of the plate 2. To fit the cover 8, it is bulged upwards by the rod 11, and then flattened, the knife edges 7 on the plate 3, slightly entering the cover, below its top surface. The plate 2 may be made of thinner metal, in which case its outer edges are supported by the bent portions 2<a>, or one plate only may be used, as in Figs. 4 and 5, the separate strips 15, provided with knife edges 7, being secured by rivets 18 or nuts 20.




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