Improvements relating to the Ginning of Cotton and Apparatus suitable therefor.


29,283. Youlten, W., and Dewhurst, H. Dec. 19. Gins.-The seed cotton is moved in a thin layer over a series of card-clothed ginning- rollers e and stationary and reciprocating knives h, k by an endless band q moving in the opposite direction to the surfaces of the rollers. A pair of stationary knives h and a pair of reciprocating knives k are disposed at each operative portion of the rollers, the reciprocating knives alternately overlapping the stationary ones and being carried by a frame reciprocated in guides by an eccentric l. The frame is extended at one end to form a feed hopper m, which may be provided with an automatic feeding device working continuously or intermittently, and at the other end to form or carry a sieve n and tray o for the seeds &c. removed from the cotton. The band q is mounted on rollers r which also carry chain-wheels s and chains provided with slats u or brushes for dragging the seed cotton past the ginning- rollers; the shaft w of the front roller is mounted in bearings carried by a lever pivoted on the shaft v of the other roller so that the distance between the feeding end of the band and the rollers alters automatically as the feed varies. The rollers are cleaned by rotary brushes j<1> driven from the rollers e in the opposite direction and at a different speed. A grid p attached to the reciprocating frame is arranged at the entrance to the sieve n.




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