Improvements in or relating to the Wind Screens of Motor Road Vehicles.


2430. Brittain, H. Jan. 30. Wind-screens. - Relates to the gutter, and to the strip of rubber &c., which are applied to the lower edge of the upper section of windscreens for motor-cars to prevent the entry of rain and draught between the meeting edges of the screen sections. According to Fig. 1, the gutter a<1> is formed in one with the protecting-channel a fixed to the edge of the upper screen section b, and a tubular member a<2> for the headed edge of the rubber or other strip c is brazed or otherwise attached to the member a. Either the gutter a' or the member a<2> with its strip c may be used without the other. Fig. 2 shows the member a<2> formed in one with the gutter a<1> and the strip c secured by a clip d. The clip d may replace the member a<2> and beaded edge c<2> in Fig. 1, and the beaded edge may be employed for securing the strip in the member a<2> shown in Fig. 2, instead of the clip d. The members a, a<1>, a<2> may all be formed from one strip of metal.




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