Improvements in or relating to Automatic Guns.


3552. Dawson, Sir A. T., and Buckham, G. T. Feb. 11. Cartridge hoppers and the like.-Relates to cartridge - belt boxes of the kind that are attached to a part that moves in elevation with the gun, and consists in the detachable means for connecting the belt-box to the feed box of the gun, described below. The belt-box B is provided with a band C adapted to bear upon the top of the feed-box A, and with a second band C', hinged to the first at C, which passes under the feed-box and is secured to the band C by a quick-release catch D, D<1>. A distance-piece B<1> is also provided in the box B. This arrangement of belt-box is applicable to the high-angle automatic gun described in Specification 3559/13, [Class 92 (i), Ordnance &c. mountings].




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