Improvements relating to Cotton Picking Machines.


4202. Haring, P. P. Feb. 18. Cotton, gathering. -Consists of improvements in cotton-picking machines in which rotary spindles carrying picker points are mounted on carriers between which the plants pass. In the machine shown in Fig. 1, the picker spindles are mounted in arms h' projecting from hollow metal slats h which are carried by chains e, e<1> passing round sprockets on spindles carried by two frames fixed to the cranked axle. The spindles are driven by clutches r and the chain and bevel gearing shown. Pins on the chains fit into sockets in projections g on the slats so that the latter may be removed by raising them. The weight of the slats &c. is taken by rails o on which run rollers o' attached to the slats. The rails may be bent to impart-an up-and-down movement to the slats &c. The spindles are driven by bevel gearing from shafts j which are rotated in opposite directions, for picking and discharging the cotton, by the engagement of pinions k with wide racks l, m. A rail n holds the pinions in gear with the rack l. The picker arms are free to swing slightly backwards and forwards. These movements may be controlled by cams. Each picker arm consists of a dust-proof shell made up of semicylindrical members secured to heads. The tubular-picker spindles are closed at their inner ends and are formed with shoulders 52, Fig. 10, fitting against their supporting-cones. They are provided with pairs of points 21 projecting lengthwise of the spindles and bent circumferentially and then inwards and downwards, leaving a cavity 21<a> between them. The spindles may be adapted to move longitudinally in the cones as in the modification shown in Figs. 6 and 7. In the modified machine, projections on the removable slats 12 fit into dovetailed recesses 10 in plates 9 which are mounted on vertical shafts 8 driven by bevel and chain gearing. The picker spindles 16 are mounted in two sets of cones 15 fixed directly on each slat, and are actuated by bevel gearing from shafts 24 driven in pairs from externally toothed racks and internally toothed racks 29 by the gearing shown. The spindles are connected with the bevel-pinions 18 by pins 19<a> and spiral grooves 20, which cause them to be projected and retracted longitudinally, as well as rotated.




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